Friday, January 7, 2011

Judith Opara Mazagwu "Afrocandy" Spits Fire

-The DNA test result was not real; let’s do another one
-He wanted me to be a full time house-wife; yet complained if I asked for money to make my hair
-He is only seeking cheap publicity; let me be

The 1st day of the year 2011 when most people were thanking God for seeing the new year and making new year resolutions; It was not the case in the life of Judith Opara Mazagwu “Afrocandy” as she woke up to see a story all over the internet and tabloids where her Ex husband Boltin Elumelu Mazagwu spit fire about the controversial dissolution of their marriage. He spoke of the DNA test which revealed that their second child was not his and many other revelations. In a swift reaction to the story Judith Mazagwu “ Afrocandy” spoke EXCLUSIVELY at length with MURPHY FADAIRO where she talked about the whole DNA test issue, her failed marriage, music and acting career. Enjoy it:

Q. Your ex-husband Elumelu Mazagwu in a chat he had with a reporter precisely on the 1st of January 2011 accused you of many things; calling you names like a whore, slut, school drop out to mention but a few. Why do you think he is speaking now that it has been over three years that you guys separated?
A. My ex-husband is an angry man right now probably because we are no more together and again the marriage has been over since 2007. I believe he is supposed to have forgotten about me and moved on without me rather than calling me names. I don’t know why he is doing all these; probably he is jealous of my achievements. I was never any of those unprintable names that he called me. Firstly i will say he is the one that left me in Nigeria for 12 years while I was waiting to for my Green-Card to join him in the USA. And those 12 years he comes visiting once in two years; and the only time he stayed longer was when i was pregnant with our first child and he made me drop out of school. He wanted to make sure the pregnancy was obvious “big belly” before he leave so he stayed for eleven months. He never came back until the baby was a year and six months; it was after this that he started coming once after two years. There was even a time his parents came around and wanted to take my baby from me, saying this and that about not letting their son to marry me and stuff like that. I was nearly lost; no shoulder to lean on. It was at this time that i met a guy and we had a fling; the result was why he thinks our second child is not his. The DNA test conducted proved this but I never believed him.

Q. He also mentioned that he only wanted to help you by marrying you; that you were a whore, you sleep around with your landlord then and a one of his friend he named Goddy. How true are all these allegations?
A. I never dated my landlord or any of his friends. The landlord he was talking about, I told him all that transpired between us. At that time we I had our first child, the landlord bought me some stuffs for my baby and my ex was aware of this. The landlord knew I was married and that my husband was in the US; so how will I allowed such a man to take advantage of me. I was faithful to him all along. Because of this little problem with my landlord, he gave me a quit notice which made me embark on our first building project which I built in Akute, a suburb between Lagos and Ogun state. I never dated a landlord, his friends; it is all lie only hoping to tarnish my image and give me a bad name.

Q. What about the two hundred thousand naira he left before leaving for the US and the several other funds he sent through Western Union transfer from time to time for the upkeep of yourself and the baby; are you saying there is no truth in all these?
A. The issue of the two hundred thousand naira he left, I can’t even remember if the money was up to two hundred thousand. At that time he left I was already about seven months pregnant and there was no place to stay; he lied that he got me an apartment. I was scouting with a friend named Esther I met at Okota. It was after this that he was able to raise the money for my accommodation and I was eight months two weeks pregnant at the time. So all the story of him painting himself as the good husband are all lie; you can imagine an almost due pregnant woman living in a three bedroom flat with no chair, baby material and all. This man’s story is like a whole script which I have written, that is why I don’t want to tell it all out so that some opportunist won’t go make money out of it. It was so hard for me then because my family even rejected me because he never paid my dowry or even took me to the altar so I was all alone. Even the western union issue he raised, he said he sent me money through Union bank using western union. Union bank only transact Money gram. So it is all lie. Yes, he sent me money quite alright but that was after I had suffered with my baby for close to two years. He thereafter sent maybe $100 in one month or two like that; is that enough to carter for a me and my baby with different bills here and there.

Q. Let me get one thing straight; were you guys ever married then and if yes when and where was it?
A. At first we were not; it was just like a student thing then man and girlfriend. He promised me he was going to take me to the US, that I shouldn’t write my final exams. I was young and naive then I had no choice but to agree to his sweet talks. And we did a court wedding here in Lagos and he went to my parents to pay the dowry after which we both travelled to the US in 2004 but we never did the white wedding.

Q. What about all these stories he said about you going to the US to seek child support and the many lies told about him in the US court which warranted the $300 he gives you per week?
A. We stayed as man and wife for over a year in the US then all of a sudden one evening he came with two policemen and started packing his things. He showed me no sign before he left for work in the morning; this was a man I was hoping he was gonna come home for dinner but what do I get? His sister was with him calling me names, saying I spent over seven years in Nigeria cheating on his brother and all. I was just surprised; I had no choice than to let it be. After that I was told he came to Nigeria and he sold the house “duplex” I built for him in Lagos. What is the honour in that; a house I built with my sweat. Although he sent me money but at the time I was already acting and modelling; so I made enough money that was invested into the building of this house. I was left with nothing in the US to take care of two kids that was why I had to ask for the child support. When he got back it, the case was already waiting for him. He was only able to pay for just three weeks before he started hearing false stories that I was a flirt back in Nigeria, that I had many friends and all. So he had to re-file the case and asked for a DNA test to prove if our second child was actually his. The day he dropped the sample I was not there; they just came up with a result and he started saying he has proved that our second child was never his. I am calling on him again if he wants another DNA which is not manipulated; I believe the DNA he talked about was only done to reduce the child support he pays for the upkeep of the children. Well I have said in the court that i no longer want his child support anymore.

Q. So where are your kids now, in Nigeria or in the US?
A. My kids are here with me in Nigeria now. I provide for their needs; I thank God they have never been disappointed. My first daughter is fifteen years old now; she is into showbiz and also a musician. I bought her a guitar, pay her studio session fee and everything she needs. They both know that their dad is a coward. What impression is he leaving for his childish? They are grown up now and know who the bad egg between us is.

Q. Can you tell us some of the movies that you have featured in so far and now?
A. I did Dangerous Sister with Genevieve and Dakora; I played the role of Susan. I did Living in Darkness with Mike Ezeronye and Ini Edo; I played the village mermaid (Jezebel). I also did 0End of the Game with Sandra Achums and Tony One week; I played the village girl Unoma. I was in Desperate Woman with Mama Gee and also a couple of other movies that I can not remember.

I can see that you have not really done badly as an actress. Now that you also sing; are you leaving Nollywood for singing or when did the music thing start?
I am still in Nollywood. Actually I have like six Nollywood movies that I featured in while in the States but they are not yet out. About the singing part; I will say that it started like a dream. I saw myself singing in a dream after which I came up with the song “ Somebody help me” and before you know it, I become a musician and spreading all over the place.

Q. The music industry is no doubt a competitive market; what genre of music would you say you play and do you think Nigerians are ready for your kind of music?
A. Honestly I will say that they are ready because if you look at some of my tracks, I give varieties. I have gospel songs on it, tracks like Ikebe Na Money is also good. I have a whole lot that any body can choose from. My kind of music is Afro dancehall music.

Q. How soon are you dropping your album?
A. It is going to be very soon. They have been calling me from the US telling me to come back and all. Now I am back and working really hard in the studio. I will come out real hard with the best I promise them.

Q. Are you looking at doing any collaboration with any known artiste?
A. Yes I will do some collabos with artistes like Felix Duke and Timaya. But my first album is already complete; so the collabo will be in my second album which I am already in the studio for.

Q. How were you able to combine reggae, dancehall, gospel and your native dialect in your song?
A. I will say it is God because I don’t even know how it happened; the music just came flowing like that. The kind of music we do in the States is different from the ones here. And my producer is Asian; he is somehow related to Wyclef Jean. He always says that I should sing in my native dialect and no like a Beyonce or Rihanna because he says they were going to market me to the Caribbean, Hollywood and Africans. That was how I was able to blend the entire flavor in my music.

Q. Tell us about your background and how your growing up was like?
A. I am from Imo state in Ikedero. Growing up was not bad even though I wasn’t born with a silver spoon, I still managed to survive the hustle and bustle of the country. Before I left for the US, I went to college here in IMT Enugu; I did two courses Business Communication and Secretarial Administration and ended up with HND but wasn’t able to write my final papers due to one reason or the other. In the US, I am still in school studying Business Management. I will round up my studies soon.

Q. What do you think of the music industry in Nigeria now as compared to when you left in 2004?
A. I haven’t really had the opportunity of exploring what is going on here in the industry but from what I have seen so far; I think we are improving. Now you see our Nigerian artistes getting nominations in international awards like BET, MTV which has never happened before. We are doing good and improving.

Q. Have you ever been on stage performing in the States?
A. Yes I have done that a couple of times. I had a show with Majek Fasek in the US sometime ago. When Olu Maintain same to the US to launch his album, I opened the stage for him too.

Q. How was the feeling like; were you shy since it is different from acting which you are used to?
A. No I am never shy anytime I sing on stage. I won the stage and crowd anytime I am on stage performing. They love me and it is always an unforgettable experience. I am like a Tigress whenever I am on stage.

Q. There is this musical video of yours on the internet where you appeared almost nude; I think it is Ikebe Na Money video. Why did you show so much boobs knowing this is against African culture?
A. Yes I agree with you this is Africa. I wasn’t completely nude but my ass was and I was on top of a man winding my ass. I am an entertainer and I don’t see anything wrong in it; it’s all showbiz. Some people are against it while some of my fans like it. I don’t care whose axe is grind.

Q. Does it mean as an actress you can go nude in movies?
A. Yes I can go nude depending on what is involved; the money and person. It is all professional; acting nude is no big deal so far the price is right. This profession is make-belief that is one thing the public should know. I know most of our actress won’t be this blunt but I tell you they can do it. Na money we dey talk about here my brother.

What is your view about sex?
Sex is a natural thing; it has come to live with us. There is nothing we can do about it. It is a way of life.

Do you love sex?
My brother who no like sex. There is nothing bad in sex if it is done with someone you like.

Now that you are single again; who would you consider your idle man?
I wouldn’t actually know off hand but if I see my idle man I will recognize him. When I see those qualities in him, I will know it is him and I will go for him.

What message do you have for your fans?
Afro Candy is here to stay and have come to stay; she is the new generation artistes you all have been waiting for. Some of my fans have even tagged me African Lil’Kim. You better watch out for me. I am going to be showing a lot of skin in my musical videos which has never been done before in Nigeria. I love showbiz and if you like call me miss controversial, I like that. I love you all.

It’s been nice talking to you
Thank you


  1. Afro Candy is beautiful and too saucy for that man. Did she just use him to travel or what?

    The old photo of her both of them in Daily Sun showed that she was not exposed in Nigeria. They were both struggling then.

    Now, she don bend like crayfish. I think she is OK but showing her bum free of charge is "useless" in a musical video. Abi na PRO advert? No offence o.

  2. Afro Candy is beautiful and too saucy for that man. Did she just use him to travel or what?

    The old photo of both of them in Daily Sun showed that she was not exposed in Nigeria. They were both struggling then.

    Now, she don bend like crayfish. I think she is OK but showing her bum free of charge is "useless" in a musical video. Abi na PRO advert? No offence o.

  3. there is no reason to sleep around. It is not only Africandy that suffered in this world but she chose to sleep around and justify it. Disgusting. How many baby daddies does she have now?.

  4. This afrocockdick is an epitome of a morally debased and bankrupt Nigerian women who once they set their foot on American soil become wiser than their husband and bite the very finger that fed them. She can run but she can't hide. At the right time, she will pay the price of what she did to this man.


  5. Afrocandy against all odds I want u to know we love and appreciate u. when men treats a lady badly no one coughs, but when its d other way round tongue wags. Keep it up dearie one love........